How to check Jio Phone Delivery Status

Jio Phone is bringing the next telecom revolution in the India subcontinent. Reliance Jio with its great 4G packs got hold of almost 50 % of smartphone users in the country and the market got saturated because of the 4G devices very less and the people in many other parts of tier 3 and tier 4 cities where mostly relying on their feature phones.

So, in order to grow the market share, the only way to get a new customer is to use the ultimate weapon that is a 4G powered feature phone that has all the features and simple for the regular people to use. That’s when the Jio Phone was introduced. After the launch, it was selling like hot cakes and Reliance Jio had taken a pre-booking and then promised to deliver the handset with a deadline. Continue reading

JioFiber : All you need to Know

MyJioAfter smashing the wireless telecom sector in India subcontinent, the Oil giant Reliance is now getting ready for the next phase of disruption in the new sector, that hasn’t been reinvented for the past few decades that is Broadband sector for the regular users.

Indian broadband sector is so pathetic that it’s having the state-run BSNL which shares a lot of coverage and provides a wide coverage but with a very very low-speed limitation, hence this sector is now being targeted by Reliance for improving the scenario and then beating the competitor out of it.

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How to make Video Call in Jio4GVoice App

Jio is already made great changes in the Indian Telecom market, it has made the deals good for the customer and the pressure on the other telecoms are at its peak. People nowadays have used to the unlimited call scenario and the times of Ratecutter, Talktime is gone. You are specified with a single pack for all the needs from the old Text SMS to the 4G data.

But some devices are not ready for the change as they don’t have VoLTE support to get the things done for 4G calling and then enjoying the features of the Jio. So they created an app called Jio4GVoice that allows you to run the calls via 4G data rather than the traditional call method. Continue reading

MyJio App Download for Android

MyJioMyJio app is a control center of Jio based actions in the device. MyJio allows you control all the required things for the Jio related actions. MyJio application is one stop solution for all Jio telecom-related activities such tracking usage, recharging the device and view the balances etc.

Reliance Jio is growing aggressively and the reach it has got in the Indian telecom sphere is immense and the growth has not stopped anyway sooner.  The main advantage of the Jio in Indian market is going data-centric making it easily adaptable for the youth of the country.

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How to Generate Jio SIM Barcode

Reliance Jio is out in the wild for a pretty long time and many have purchased new Jio SIM and are enjoying the benefits of Jio offers.The benefits of Jio offer includes Unlimited calls, Unlimited data usage till FUP, free text message and many bundled apps with great subscription offers for the first 3 months with good value for the money.

But still, there are few people who haven’t tried these, hence its a brief guide for the people who are getting started with the first Jio SIM purchase.

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How to set Caller Tune in Jio

Reliance Jio is known for its free services that are provided to the customer. One of the existing features that Reliance Jio offers is caller tune.
While other carriers charge for song selection and for subscription charge, this great services is offered for zero cost.

There three ways in which you can set a caller tune to the Jio number.
1.using SMS.
2. Using JioMusic app.
3.Copying the friends caller tune.

Using SMS:

You can request for the caller tune with just a SMS from your active Jio number.
You can either browse the directory of available songs or use the movie or song name to get ir.
Go to Messages and Compose a new message with “JT” (without quotes).
Send JT to 56789.
You will get a response as follow.
You can reply to the message with the option of your choice such 1 or 2 or 3.

If you already know the movie name, Type MOVIE <movie name> and send it to 56789.
You will get all the songs in the movie as an option and you can choose the desired songs as your caller tune.

The same case applies for singers, type SINGER <Singer Name> and sent it to 56789.

For albums type ALBUM <Album name > and sent it to 56789.

Using JioMusic:

It is one of the simple ways to set the caller tune.
Open JioMusic application.
Search for the song that needs to set it as caller tune.
Click on the Set Caller Tune Button.

Using Caller:

You can copy your friend’s caller tune.
Call your friends reliance Jio number with caller tune and click the * button.
You will get the confirmation SMS.

JioFi’s market Shares Rises

Reliance Jio has left one major effect in the Telecom market,that is rather positive for the whole industry.The effect is the adoption of 4G devices in the space.Before the intrusion of Reliance Jio in the market,2G data plans were widely used by all consumers.

Also, the price of 3G data was too high in the market and the plans were too low for data consuming devices. The 3G dongles were widely used by working professionals and students who had no access to the broadband network. And telecoms brutally priced its data for 3G plans.

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Get Jio SIM delivered to your Home

Reliance Jio is trying all possible chances to get new customers into its ring. Freebies, cash backs, and exciting offers are all the things that Reliance Jio has laid hands on and succeed in the market with
great results in the process.

Now Reliance Jio is moving forward with an another great step ahead of its competitors in the market.
This is really a new chance for getting valuable customer, and its free SIM card delivery to your home.

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How to Make Conference call in Jio4GVoice

The Jio4gvoice application enables the non-voLTE devices to make calls and receive calls using the Jio SIM. The Jio4Gvoice application has a wide range of features. And one of the best features is conference calling features.

A conference call is a way in which a participant can communicate with multiple participants on the receiver’s end. The conference call helps people to communicate in a group.The conference calls is offered by service providers on apps like Skype and Viber. These apps which work over the data are now being replaced by a Jio4GVoice application.

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